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Southern New Hampshire University

2500 North River Road, Manchester, NH 03106, USA

Associate, Baccalaureate, Master's, Doctorate
Program Name Degree Description
Accounting Associate AS
Business Administration Associate AS
Computer Information Technology Associate AS
Fashion Merchandising Associate AS
Marketing Associate AS
Computer Information Technology Baccalaureate BA
Business Administration Baccalaureate BBA
Master of Business Administration Master's MBA
Accounting Baccalaureate BS
Accounting and Finance Baccalaureate BS
Accounting and Information Systems Baccalaureate BS
Business Administration Baccalaureate BS
Computer Information Technology Baccalaureate BS
Culinary Management Baccalaureate BS
Economics and Finance Baccalaureate BS
Fashion Merchandising and Management Baccalaureate BS
Hospitality Business Baccalaureate BS
International Business Baccalaureate BS
Marketing Baccalaureate BS
Operations and Project Management Baccalaureate BS
Sport Management Baccalaureate BS
Technical Management Baccalaureate BS
International Master of Business Administration Master's IMBA
Accounting Master's MS
Finance Master's MS
Marketing Master's MS
Operations and Project Management Master's MS
Psychology Master's MS
Sport Management Master's MS
International Business Doctorate PhD
Information Technology Master's MS
Finance Baccalaureate BS
Operations Management Baccalaureate BS
Applied Economics Master's MS
Human Resource Management Master's MS
Organizational Leadership Master's MS
Management Master's MS
Accounting and Finance Master's MS
Healthcare Administration Master's MS
Business Studies Baccalaureate BS